Friday, 2 January 2015

Kalaignar for celebration of 60 years of his friendship with Perasiriyar

Fondly recalling his first meeting with and association for the last sixty years with DMK General Secretary Prof K. Anbazhagan, DMK President Kalaignar wished that 60 years of their friendship should be celebrated as a ‘manivizha’ just a people celebrated their 60th birthday.
In a statement on December 19 on the occasion of the 93rd birthday of Perasiriyar, Kalaignar said that he attended the ‘Sikandar festival’ conducted by Muslim youth at Vijayapuram in Tiruvarur in 1942 for which Arignar Anna had come. When Anna was called to deliver his address at last, he stood up and with the introduction that he had brought along with him a student from Annamalai University who would address the gathering before him and invited a youth to speak. That youth was Perasiriyar who turned 93 on the day.
Kalaignar said that it was there that he first met Perasiriyar and introduced himself. The friendship that blossomed between them then that witnessed sixty years of so many ups and downs and happiness and distress, and lead the party mutually supporting each other.
So many ‘banyan trees’ that toiled for the growth of the Dravidian movement felled down. If at least some of them were brought to his memory at this time, Thanthai Periyar, Arignar Anna, Navalar, N.V.Natarajan, Murasoli Maran, AVP Asaithambi, K.A.Mathialagan, Nanjil K.Manoharan, CP Chitrarasu, A.Govindasamy, Madurai Muthu, Anbil Dharmalingam, Mannai Narayanasamy, S S Thennarasu, V.Thangapandian, PU Shanmugam, CVM Annamalai, KTS Mani, Kovai Rajamanickam, PA Saminathan, Tiruvannamalai Dharrmalingam, Murugaiyan, Vellore Dharmaraj, MP Sarathi, R.Vetrikondan, Cuddalore Ilamvazhuthi, Rama Arangannal, S.J.Sadiq Pasha, S.Kandappan, Mullai Vadivelu, PTR Palanivelrajan, Karaikudi Rama subbiah, Kanchi Manimozhiyar, Pulavar Govindan, Thazhai M. Karunanidhi, T.P.Alagamuthu, M.S.Mani, G.Parangusam, Neelanarayanan, T.K.Srinivasan, S.Raghvanandam, CT Dhandapani, Pudukottai Periannan, Veerpandi S.Arumugam and the list would go on. “After these felled banyan trees, as the remaining two ‘banyan trees’ with the help of prop roots taking roots around us, we are running this movement without slackening”, Kalaignar said.


When he was 18-year old youth and running a handwritten journal in the name of ‘Manava Nesan’ he formed an organization in the name of ‘Tamil Manavar Mandram’ and tried to run it. The anniversary of that mandram was held in Tiruvarur in 1942. Most of those who were invited for that function did not turn up. Expecting their arrival when he waited at Tiruvarur railway station and stood perplexed when coming to know that most of them did not turn up, the Annamalai University students of those days Anbazhagan (Perasiriyar now) and Mathiazhagan came and consoled me.
When Perasiryar came there in support of him his age was 18, Kalaignar said when he thought that at 93 now also he was standing in support of him, in spite of so many incidents, ups and downs in the party- coming to power and losing power undergoing testing times- still he was standing with him without getting tired as youthful as ever. Whenever there were testing times for the party without losing composure Perasiriyar was like a pillar for the growth of the party, Kalaignar said.
ON the traits of Perasiryar, Kalaignar said he was calm and composed with honest thinking, open minded to tell his opinion without mincing words, getting agitated on any danger to Tamil language and race, and his speeches and writings were useful for the uprising of this society. He was one among the pearls Anna found out from Annamalai University. Kalaignar recalled that once he said about Perasiriyar as “I write for people and Perasiriyar is writing for those like me”. He had so much wisdom, experience and potential.
Kalaignar said the 93rd birthday of Perasiriyar was the day of coronation of Tamil language, self-respect feeling and the day to take a pledge for raising voice for the rights and victory of Tamils all over the world, and greeted him. 

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